BestCrosses Studios (“BCS”) is a full-service content creation and distribution company founded by:

Jack Sussman

Los Angeles and Toronto-based Jack Sussman is a celebrated influencer, content producer and expert in the basketball space as well as adjunct niches in culture, music, media and sports. Jack started his basketball-themed social media page @BestCrosses in 2013 when he was only 13 years old and grew the page by 2017 to over a million followers, including many professional athletes and celebrities. @BestCrosses was only the fourth sports-themed created brand on Instagram to be verified. 

In 2018, Jack along with Terence Richards and his father Peter Sussman launched BestCrosses Studios to produce and distribute premium, longer-form content for both traditional and new media platforms. BestCrosses Studios recently sold and produced its first project. Executive produced by Jack, “Anyone’s Game” is a 6-episode series about Orangeville Prep, the celebrated high school basketball program in the small town of Orangeville, Canada whose graduates have gone on to play for Division 1 Universities and in the NBA. Jack oversees and manages BestCrosses Studios’ current development slate of over a dozen projects in both unscripted and scripted content. He also writes and directs segments and interviews in connection with BestCrosses Studios’ unscripted projects.

Terence Richards

Terence Richards, along with Jack Sussman and Peter Sussman, founded BestCrosses Studios in 2018. BestCrosses Studios is committed to producing world class premium content focused on sports, music, culture, family, social justice, health, technology, fashion, gaming, and other lifestyle segments for global audiences.

Terence has more than 20+ years of senior management experience in sports & entertainment, content, media, broadcasting, cable networks, wireless mobility, advertising, and digital distribution.

He is viewed as a transformative executive, advisor, and entrepreneur, known for unlocking growth opportunities between the intersection of enabling technology and traditional industry and been on the forefront of how content will be engaged with by consumers.

Terence was a co-founder of Quickplay Media, in 2003, a company that pioneered the software behind streaming content, created 20 technology patents, developed and distributed cloud/OTT products and services for pay-TV operators, connectedTV device manufacturers and MVPDs worldwide. The vision to create this technology before platforms (like iOS, Android, WebOS, Tizen, etc.) and devices (like iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, LG Connected TV, etc.) were in existence was Quickplay’s great foresight and led the company to be acquired by AT&T in 2016. In 2017, before the term “NTF” was popularized, he authored the business strategy on formally securitizing a new regulated financial asset class (token) whereby the future earnings of professional athletes and professional sports teams could be legally recognized and converted into tradeable equity instruments. In 2021, Terence  authored a business strategy to create a sports-enabled technology platform that would simultaneously allow fans during a live sports broadcast to engage in real-time sports betting, buying/selling NFT’s, purchase merchandise, food & beverages, and enjoy gamification, all from the same video screen display (connectedTV, mobile, tablet, and web).

Peter Sussman

Peter was co-controlling shareholder of Alliance Atlantis Communications and CEO of its Entertainment Group before Alliance Atlantis was sold to Goldman Sachs. Peter was responsible for the production and worldwide distribution of thousands of hours of film and television. He capped off his years as an award-winning producer (including being nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards and 4 Emmy Awards,) by assembling in partnership with CBS, the CSI Franchise comprising the 3 series: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

After Alliance Atlantis, Peter was Co-founder of Aver Media, a financier for producers and distributors of tv programs and theatrical films. Aver completed more than 1,500 financings. Peter and his partners sold Aver to the Bank of Montreal.

After Aver, Peter was Chair of the Founder Group that created the unfortunately now failed Kew Media as a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Peter also launched after Aver, in partnership with UK-based media executive Sara Curran (Peter’s wife,) Tricycle Media (which has seeded or incubated dozens of content projects and companies,) and Tricycle Talent (which has interests in six media and sports talent management companies.) One of Tricycle’s first initiatives was launching Kari Skogland’s company, Mad Rabbit Productions where Peter is Chair. Kari’s work includes directing all 8 episodes of the Disney/Marvel series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Other Tricycle initiatives include being a shareholder in 42mp, one of the leading UK management and production companies. Peter was the first Chair of 42. Peter participated in the seeding of Embankment Films, an executive producer and seller of theatrical films including 2021 double-Oscar winner “The Father” starring Anthony Hopkins. Peter was also responsible for assembling with Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, the multi-award-winning tv series “Schitt’s Creek.”