About BestCrosses Studios

BestCrosses Studios was created by Jack Sussman, in partnership with media veterans Terence Richards (QuickPlay Media) and Peter A. Sussman (Alliance Atlantis Communications.)

BestCrosses Studios produces and distributes original basketball and sports/lifestyle-themed premium content for viewing on all platforms and channels worldwide. BestCrosses Studios recently sold and produced the 6-episode series for the CBC “Anyone’s Game” about the 2019-20 season of Orangeville Prep, the celebrated high school basketball program whose graduates have gone on to play for Division 1 NCAA Universities and in the NBA. BestCrosses Studios has shot a number of pilots and presentations, and has more than a dozen premium projects in active development.

BestCrosses Studios grew out of the basketball-themed social media page @BestCrosses, created by Jack Sussman in 2013 when he was only 13 years old. @BestCrosses is a celebrated page with over a million followers around the world, including many professional athletes and celebrities. @BestCrosses was only the fourth sports-themed created brand on Instagram to be verified.